We actually implemented this recently. You can type in sort:date after your query or use the drop down next to the search box.
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This is truly amazing. This thread is 3 years old and the relatively simple problem is still not addressed?
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it was addressed by @yegg, directly above and was also addressed here:
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c'mon alitte more convenient wouldn't hurt anyone.
Just add a Dropdown ...
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On the help site about this it states "If you use our sort by date feature (for recent pages) there is a date displayed next to each domain.".
However this is not the case. In my case it displayed the results as it normally would only sorted differently.
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Okay, a question without a sensible answer after almost 5 years --- why, and what resolutions are available? And what are the threats of not providing a solution?

1. What's the problem? The problem is that, from a marketing and R&D perspective, DDG have acquired an audience and customers with an initial belief in DDG's service. DDG's customers/users repeatedly set out (very well) a need for a specific feature: a simple mechanism, probably in menu form, to filter searches by date. DDG staff, much as we love what they've done, failed to implement this feature and obfuscated their answers instead of delivering simple, apparently honest, responses.

2. What's the reason for the problem? The reason for the problem is that, for a variety of reasons, searchers wish to move away from big G. In parts, this wish is prompted by privacy issues and G's manifest control of searches.

3. How can DDG resolve this problem? DDG can a) provide a simple date filter menu similar to G's, and b) provide an API for developers to write plugins, one of which will inevitably be a date filter menu.

4. Would DDG benefit from solving the problem? The European Court of Justice in Schrems[1] caused major problems for G. It opened a short but very powerful window of about 6-12 months for search providers like DDG to attack G's market share and acquire massive audience. This, in turn, will boost DDG's business model, opportunity for growth, and attractiveness to investors.

5. Threats by DDG's failure to quickly solve the date filter problem include credibility failure, killing the business model and repelling audience.
a) As regards credibility failure, this thread says it all. 5 years without a competent answer is a good way to be perceived as geeks: all brains, no common sense.
b) As for killing the business model, would you invest in someone that skirts around answers to problems?
c) And as for repelling audience, how many searchers have come to DDG, been disappointed without a date filter, and gone away, and have then told others but not DDG? Don't stab the baby!

I've seen this type of problem so many times over 40+ years in business and project development. It could be solved with agile, a one day scrum or a change of leader. First resolution could be achieved with a tardy secondary search filter (as others have indicated), and refined later. However, in my view it would be wonderful if DDG would provide an API to allow the wider development community to pitch in. Carrying the worldwide developer community could advance DDG's ambition at speed.


[1] See opinion first, then decision:
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I just started using ddg, and would love to recommend it to pretty much everyone, except for this. if I have to go to google just to get recent results, that are relevant to my query, then ddg becomes next to impossible to use. The whole sort:date thing doesnt work at all, and the !gmonth thing does, but just brings us back to google - not good!

Any luck on gthi as all?
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