Yes, I completely understand and agree. I just haven't found a great provider yet for it.
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It appears that you have the date information in your provider's search results.  Since you have that information, and you can sort the results by date, I do not understand why you cannot filter it by date range.  The computing cost of a filter is less than a sort.
It could be accomplished in the awkward google fashon as a secondary display of the results, simply excluding stale entries on the second page write.  It could also be implemented at the command line  -  IE.  age:this week or age:three months or age:3 months
A command line version should also take the form  age:!this week returning only those search results from more than one week ago.  Useful when you are trying to look up historical data, particularly when some recent event has generated thousands of search results for the same search string.
The advantage of the command line version is that it keeps the duck duck go page clean, and requires only a single page serve.
The disadvantage is that users may not know of its existence.

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date relevancy has been a real issue on the net from the beginning. date of event? date of posting? date discovered? search engines to my perspective have mostly failed to differentiate between events and objects and in a real mode way. all the about events and about objects are not meaningfully applied in a perspective hierarchy of "the world as we see it" context. i mean if KK is spotted wearing a new dress, what are the date stamps for that?
a most difficult proposition until we define a "world reality hierarchy" index. it's at least as complicated as the patent library.
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