Just did a sample search for Apple iPad Mini and had the results sorted by date using the drop down menu. Tons of the results are from 2012 despite saying "April 11" or April 10" etc. I realize that there may be difficulties searching by date ranges due to multiple sources, but it doesn't even seem to me that sorting by date works. The same search in Google (as an example) provides far more relevant results.

Now, I am not expecting DDG to be Google, but any search engine that wants to compete at a meaningful level needs to do better than this. I do not like Google for a number of reasons, but the lack of efficiency with DDG right now makes it a no go. Start Page, although there are things I dislike about it, at least gives me the results I need for the most part.

Trying to love DDG so much!  : )
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That is why there is !g
But I always start with DDG first, and then may try !g
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It's probably sorting by modified date, not publication date. We'll take a look! 


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