Guest, sorry for the frustration. As you probably know, we're not operating at the resource capacity of Google or Bing. In fact, it was a little over 1 year ago that we got institutional funding, passed 1M searches/day, and launched DuckDuckHack. We've also introduced !bang suggestions, pursued new business partnerships, made a major overhaul to our mobile app (releasing soon), and continually kept up with the changing of our various sources. 
There are a few things going on here, which I'll try to explain with as much detail as possible: 

1. We use multiple sources that don't all support date search and, if they do, they support it differently (showing modified date instead of publishing date or other differences that really impact the results). When an update is made by one of our sources, we can investigate how we should tweak our use of them. But, if a bug is introduced by one of our sources, it takes a while for it to be resolved, since they're generally larger and slower moving to resolve such things. 

2. Advanced syntax is not as critical to users as general relevancy. We'd like to improve the search-engine as much as possible before we start rerouting resources to work on things like date sort, page previews, and other requested features. In the last year, we've grown to 7 full timers, 13 part timers, and many many contributors. When this thread was originally posted, Gabriel had been running DuckDuckGo entirely by himself. 

3. We do have sort-by-date but, as users in this thread have pointed out, there are some cases where it acts a little buggy. We're still tracking down the common denominator to those problems and they should be fixed relatively shortly. It sounds like what you're looking for is more of a full-fledged date search, where you show results from 24 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or from a range (12.2.2012 - 2.2.2013). Is that correct?

Growing means growing pains. Tending to small things like this (though they may not seem small to you) are very important to us as users of our own search-engine. Trust us! We're a group of people so motivated by redefining the search-experience that we've made it our lives. Everyone on the team is an inbound user. I don't think there's anyone here that wouldn't like to see us do more with dates but, given our current standing and the above factors, there are more important things to be working on (like redefining what image-search is). The best thing you can do as a user is to submit feedback on the queries you see with poor date search results. We look at all of them and, considering not many people use advanced syntax, we always need more examples. 

Also, if you can think of a way to accomplish any type of date search via an instant-answer, you can suggest it or develop it yourself


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