Hi, I saw DuckDuckGo yesterday for the first time, because of the new Safari Extension. I think the search results are really great and if there is a "Google Killer" in the future, DuckDuckGo has better chances than Bing for sure ;-)

I would start recommending your site to other people, but a "localization" would be necessary to do this. I think it is not the interface which is most important, it is also the content. For a start you could:

- make Bang Commands local: Send !g to instead of for german users, send !a to instead of for french users ... Start with the most important, localize more bangs on request.
- Show the local Wikipedia articles instead of the english ones if possible, they are in the index, I saw them in the search results, but the english wikipedia article is on the top in most cases.

The things above are both things you can do without help from a native speaker.

- Well, and If you want to translate the interface, I'm sure you will get help from the community. And if you have new features just make them available in english, don't worry about this.

Think big, start small ...

posted by [Old Forum guest] • 8 years and 4 months ago Link