I think DDG should have no funding at all, except perhaps User Donations. (and the small amount of advertising already used)

Funding means that somebody else will have a hand in controlling the engine, and Gabriel's work has been a great step forward in user privacy. VCs could end it all.
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Possibly, yet if he gets a VC to believe in the way he's doing something, then it wouldn't end that way.  He wouldn't give up as much of the company.  How much percent did the Cuil founder have to give up to raise it's VC round? I'm pretty sure the VCs do not have all the control. Not saying they are at all good at it, either.  Actually, I think DuckDuckGo is better in some ways.  

All great search engines have received VC or outside funding, Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc.  I'm not saying they wouldn't have succeeded otherwise, they needed to funding to really catapult the success.  A lot of the things that DuckDuckGo could be doing to take on the search giants, they aren't doing.

If they work with investors, they would have to state their mission and vision.  
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