I stumbled upon this site by chance. With the recent spying by our government and Google's decision to change their privacy ethics this could really go somewhere. Primarily there is Google and Bing and perhaps a few others. However, many do not trust these other engines and look at them as "beta." The key to getting a good share of the market is to promote trust. Users have to know they can trust duckduckgo to keep its words regarding privacy. Keep it that simple. I am finally startng a serious website and blog. I've been wasting my time in college all these years when the answer has always been on the net. My site is going to concentrate on simalar issues. If I have any success I will do my best to promote duckduckgo so long as it remains true to form. Best of luck.

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Thanks for the support!

There's a few good reasons for people to trust us in the answers here:

Basically, a) Our privacy policy is legally binding, and b) Both the company's and all of our personal reputations are on the line if anything were ever to go bad.
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