Most of the privacy policies of the third-party tracking companies state that Opting-Out (through NAI, selectout, or on their own website) will prevent the data from being retargeted/sold/whatever. Not necessarily that tracking itself will stop, so wouldn't tracker opt-outs still be an effective measure? I have been working with a number of them, and the whole point in having an Opt-Out cookie that expires (as most of them do) is to be able to retarget in the future while respecting their Opt-Out wishes for 1 week, 2 weeks, whatever the length of time is. Do Not Track on the other hand is something that is completely useless at the current time because it is optional. So I would think though that an actual Opt-Out cookie is still effective in securing privacy if even for just a couple weeks while the cookie lasts.

(I'm not trying to fight my case, just trying to learn more through this so I can build a better service moving forward).
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Right--the general gist is, you're still being tracked, they're just not targeting ads at you based on the information they collect. 


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