This is a nice trial and keep up the good work! Don't sell yourselves as did all others before you! ...and stop smashing Google, may their practices be as outrageous as they are, as it looks like bad character, by which most good-hearted people will be put off! ...and doesn't really help promote the site since it smells a bit like envy.

In order to make this really work and get picked up, I'd suggest following changes:

- Consider changing the BRAND NAME for a two syllable one! My suggestion is "DuckNGo". You'll see the results for yourself soon if you do.

- The "fixtracking" site is very helpful, but most people wouldn't bother to read this much. People who use the internet for search etc. do so because they want what they are looking for fast. Do an easy step-by-step "QuickFix" tutorial for all OS's and all browsers, including brief info on and how to update a hosts file. /You may even want to provide an essentials and pro hosts file download./

- If people could see thumbnails next to the links when searching for videos or images not to mention a button to search for these specifically, the majority who are concerned about their security and privacy but like convenience, would jump over straight away.

- You have a lot of space on the left an right, so you could float some security and privacy related widgets and on the other side a video and image preview bar. Don't be afraid it'd "look like google" etc.! It won't. This is a search engine, where people expect to find stuff, which they expect the site to show them as quick as possible – hence, there will be pictures and videos on your page, either vertically or horizontally, period. That won't make the site look like a copy of other search engines!

Otherwise, I like any type of freedom-preserving initiatives, that enforce people's unalienable rights to absolute privacy.

PS.: If you would offer essential security classes in a “floating” widget box in form of 2-3 minute videos, also including a quick and simple tutorial at a time and maybe issue some funny “certificates” to registered users, the site would pick up tremendously quick! :) ...If I was in charge over your marketing development, I would even suggest you to offer basic email addresses to registered users.

Also, if you ever think of advertising, here's a nice slogan “Find what YOU expected...DuckNGo!” ...the picture would be a small pond with a duck's butt sticking out of the water... :)

posted by [Old Forum goduck] • 5 years and 9 months ago Link

- We're not interested in changing the name at this point 

- Isn't that what the fixtracking site accomplishes? There's not much to read-- it gets straight to the point, and is mostly graphics.

- This has been considered in several implementations, but the general consensus seems to be it adds too much clutter (I agree). Adding an option to "expand" the result could be helpful, but then you wouldn't know if there was anything useful until clicking it, which cuts out the usefulness quite a lot.

- Again, clutter. It's not a problem of looking like other search engines exactly, it's just that irrelevant information (yes, pictures and videos are more irrelevant than relevant!) does not belong on the search result pages.

The videos are a nice idea, but production takes a bit too much effort away from working on the search engine itself. Email addresses are also not in the short-term plan -- too much management and physical resources involved, which would again take resources away from the search engine itself.
posted by crazedpsyc 5 years and 9 months ago Link