- We're not interested in changing the name at this point 

- Isn't that what the fixtracking site accomplishes? There's not much to read-- it gets straight to the point, and is mostly graphics.

- This has been considered in several implementations, but the general consensus seems to be it adds too much clutter (I agree). Adding an option to "expand" the result could be helpful, but then you wouldn't know if there was anything useful until clicking it, which cuts out the usefulness quite a lot.

- Again, clutter. It's not a problem of looking like other search engines exactly, it's just that irrelevant information (yes, pictures and videos are more irrelevant than relevant!) does not belong on the search result pages.

The videos are a nice idea, but production takes a bit too much effort away from working on the search engine itself. Email addresses are also not in the short-term plan -- too much management and physical resources involved, which would again take resources away from the search engine itself.
posted by crazedpsyc 5 years and 9 months ago Link