The more I try to use the DDG forums and (post some good ideas), the more just plain incompetence I encounter. After trying over a year  ago to sign up for your "forums", I gave up, and I see it's not one bit better since then. I still can't log into mky Zoho created DDG account.
Ironically, even though I can't login, I can still reply to threads. I can't create any, only butt-in on already existing threads.
Why, Zac, where it says here "Forum(s)", it only lists one, and no sub-forums? WHY, after so long, is there nothing there to really speak of?
Why, Zac, did it take over 6 months to come up with a simple set of rules? And why, Zac, is the only way to contact you throuugh twitter? What are you hiding from?
Just so you have no excuse for not answering, I'll leave you my e-mail address:
Oh, and why, Zac, does Zoho need to look on MY computer, simply to sign up for this forum? And, when I decline, it just re-dumps me on the blank sign in page. What's up with that? Does ANY of this sound right to you?
I await your reply.
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 8 months ago Link

Sorry for the frustration but this is the way it is. Our forum is currently run through Zoho and we haven't gotten any other complaints from people NOT able to sign in. It would be quite obvious if there was a global issue, because everyone would be posting from guest accounts. When our house-built forum is up and running, we plan to move over. 

It says, "Forums" because that's how it works. Zoho allows us to create multiple forums/sub-forums and we have just 1 because it seems to be working out and there's no need for others. There is a moderator forum but you can't see it. 

It took 6 months because it was important. We let the community hash out the rules, as opposed to just dropping a rule bomb on everyone willy nilly. The first sentence above says,"After a six-month public review period on theforum rules discussion topic." Not sure what you mean by the twitter comment, we have a bunch of ways to get in touch, including this forum that you posted to:

I don't recommend leaving your email publicly available on this site or any. 

This sounds like a local issue to you and I would confer with Zoho.


posted by zac Staff5 years and 8 months ago Link