Hey Zac. Please don't let "Guest who is too incompetent to login" get to you. The rest of us appreciate and value what you, the other moderators and yegg13 are doing here.

I wonder who the "more powerful people in more powerful places", really are. Frankly, I don't care, but it is a hilarious nonsensical comment.

Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for your very gracious reply to "Guest who is too incompetent to login". You certainly showed a higher level of grace and maturity than you were hit with.

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Thanks, honorable guest and x.15a2 :) If this turns into giant hate thread, we're going to have to lock this one as well.
Hateful guest, please respect your fellow man. No need to post here. Start a support thread, explain your problem clearly, and maybe someone will give you a response. Jumping into productive conversations just to derail them is disrespectful and flat out annoying.


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Never read this thread for a while, but yeah.
I smell a lot of infertile behavior, haha.
Ignore the trolls :)

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