Perhaps yegg should consider requiring people to sign in /register before voting as to prevent multiple votes by same person?

Anyways I would nominate

As for good bang for the buck, that would be "Friendica is what Diaspora should have been."
i say let Diaspora die already. The chaps who founded it just didn't live up to their promises, got more money than they've originally asked for and still did nothing great with it. And the fact it's not open governed just nails it down.

Thanks yegg for this awesome thing you are doing. This is how it should be :) I hope you will donate 10% of profits like you said. And I'm expecting it to be much much higher amount of cash than last year, considering DDG's traffic tripled last year :)
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I'm not considering them votes, but more nominations. As such, adding reasons is clearly beneficial.

Last year we didn't have any profits, and we actually didn't have any the year before either, so we made something up that seemed reasonable. We'll do the same going forward.
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