I nominate Koha, the first FOSS integrated library system. Yes, those libraries with the books ;)

The official website is
(please note that 'koha dot org' is not the official website of Koha but a non-free fork)

Koha has originally been created in New Zealand for the Horowhenua Library Trust and then released to the world under the GPL. Like DDG, Koha is written in Perl. The user and staff interfaces are completely web-based.

Koha is used in thousands of libraries worldwide, from small one person libraries with a few items to university library consortia with 40+ branches, replacing proprietary software with license fees of sometimes several 100k of dollars per year, usually to be paid by the general public.

There is a rewrite of the search enginge taking place which still needs funding. A detailed RFC can be found on the Koha Wiki search rewrite page. More information about the status of the development can be found here.

I have contributed to the project myself. I am not affiliated to C & P Bibliography Services (responsible to for the search rewrite).
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How about the theme "productivity/content creation":

- The Document Foundation (LibreOffice)

- (open source, collaborative editing)

- Inkscape (vector graphics, alternative to Adobe Illustrator)

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There is also Evergreen, which seems very mature.

I'm really pissed off at Norfolk County Council. What a waste of taxpayers money, buying all these Windows licenses, buying even more of them for all the digital systems for taking books out and the like - and then writing your crappy and dysfunctional website (the search engine in pathetic) in ASP, meaning it's an expensive Windows Server license they have there. Bloody waste. There are great open source tools to do the same things. And then they complain (with posters - oh yes!) of having to cap the network speed for the computers and being unable to digitise books and other resources as they don't have enough funding to keep everything else running. Bollocks.

It's just a shame these things don't get used.
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