- 1 for Mozilla and Ubuntu. They are both for profit corporations.
Canonical Ltd. is also not a friend of your privacy -- they may actually be hostile [] -- and do not seem to value their users much. Besides, they both have ample revenue streams; Mozilla brings in tens of millions of Dollars a year and Canonical sells their users to the highest bidder and has numerous digital retail properties.

+1 for ReactOS however. They've always been desperate for funds and developers. Their Google SOC initiatives always seem to be highly productive. With XP coming to EOL seems like it could be a consideration too, maybe not.

Mayhaps DDG could throw a few bones to the smaller developers of the addons you pimp @ and elsewhere. Feel even a little bit there could meet the bang for buck requisite.

As an aside: You guys really should float several ideas for 'themes' that you already have ahead of time. Makes herding the cats easier. :)

-- Pierce
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