I think it should be something related to ddd, and so I think the theme could be privacy and network security, again.
In terms of projects that rely on donations within this theme:
• Tor - who make:
      ∘ crabgrass- a secure social network
      ∘ Monkeysphere - for secure browsing
      ∘ mailserver patches to not log ip adresses or transmit ip adresses or personally identifiable information over mail             headers.
      ∘ Other bits of software, documentation and advice to help privacy.
      ∘ They are also linked to which offers privacy-enhanced services and advice free, including emails,             VPN, a crabgrass server, a jabber service, mailing lists, and an etherpad service for secure.
• Diaspora* and Friendica, as distributed social networks, and freedomboxfoundation, for developing servers to allow users to run their own instances, securely and at very low costs.
• Alternatives to skype and dropbox
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Riseup also run a lot of Tor servers, so you would be supporting the Tor project with that.

I like someone's idea of contributing to all the add-ons you suggested in "fix-tracking".
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