+1 for OpenStreetMap. Really innovative project that still need to improve and reach its audience.
+1 for Blender Foundation. Community efforts to make Blender easier and more beautiful succeeded, then thanks to donation developers added useful features like tracking. If we donate, we'll have results.
+1 for Cryptocat. It shares common goals with DDG: privacy and ease of use.
+1 for PyPy's RPython, that provides an awesome framework to build JIT compilers (not only for Python, but also for Ruby - checkout Topas Project - and for any other language - you can even build a JIT compiler for Brainf*ck ;-) )
+1 for Python. It's definitely the easiest language to learn and to use, if not the best programming language. I think that, unlike Ruby, Python is a language that teaches you to code. That's not common.
+1 for Tor.

-1 for Mozilla. Even though it isn't a for-profit company, I can't understand why waste money with projects like Firefox Flicks. And I don't like JavaScript ;-)
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