Wine already gets financial and commercial support from their parent company's sales of Crossover. Several distros (such as Canonical's Ubuntu) have begun pushing the commercial version pretty heavily lately in their stores. A lot of the FLOSS projects are backed by successful commercial entities to some extent. I think that should play heavily in decisions here.

Mozilla makes all their tens of millions (or at least a majority) from revenue agreements with Google and others and the terms of their revenue share is not always -- read: almost never -- transparent to the broader community. They have also ignored calls to add alternatives such as DDG, ixquick and others to their default lists. I do not believe we should be donating money to for profit corporations such as Mozilla. Especially ones whom are at direct ideological and financial odds with DDG, and an unholy alliance with The Competition™.

David Pierce
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 6 years and 11 months ago Link