DuckDuckGo is coded in Perl and JavaScript with help of YUI, served via nginxFastCGI and memcached, running on FreeBSD and Ubuntu via daemontools.  We both run our own servers and have servers on EC2.  We use PostgreSQL+bucardo, CDB, Solr, BerkelyDB, S3 and flat files for data.  We monitor via Server Density, our own scripts and DNSMadeEasy (which we also use for DNS and failover).  Finally, we have some side components that use prosodyDebian, ejabberd,jQuery, node, python and even more Perl with lots of CPAN Distributions.  Also check out this architecture post, which is somewhat out of date but largely accurate.
Hmm, so why don't you support Perl, nginx, postgresql, python, debian or other tools used by DDG?
This is quite common in IT: people support what they use.

posted by [Old Forum makronized] • 7 years and 10 days ago Link

Good idea, but it would be important to balance it with donations to other projects that would produce correlated benefit.
Maybe more than 90% of FOSS employed by entities capable of donating is a web server, a database server, a programing language, and that's it! BUT these projects might not represent not more than 1/3 (I'm beeing conservative!) of FOSS software. Imagine all other FOSS software making up for the infra-structure envolved in a DDG business.

Good ideia of yours! I agree with you, but maybe 50%? The other half, make a voting on the web (FOSS solution!), and we can transparently give our opinnion.

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Last year the FOSS donations were half things that DuckDuckGo uses and half suggestions from the community.

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