Just to say - that was me above, did not realise I am posting as a guest., ie TrueCrypt.
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There have been some concerns made about the identity of the TrueCrypt authors. The licensing of the program is also controversial.
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The Bitcoin and i2p devs use pseudonyms too. It's part of their (crypto) culture that goes back to the CypherPunks mailing list in the late 80s. "Frank" in the wiki entry is not a notable source, and wrong on so many counts. Like CIA instead of NSA. That's not the CIA's style. NSA would just attack the thing (side channels, timing, etc) not backdoor it. That's a bit outside the scope of discussion here... I digress.

Licensing is not that big of a deal for others like Mandriva or Gentoo (whom arguably pour over the code more than most) PCBSD etc etc.

I will withdraw my initial nomination for them since many seem to take exception with their development style.

How about something a little less contentious like Midori then? We support an underdog (err... under cat?) and feed back into DDG's revenue stream at the same time because they're a browser and they also have DDG in their default lists. Win/win for everyone.
David Pierce
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