I'm not taking any offense. :-)

Clipperz is a strange beast, a self-proclaimed "zero-knowledge web app" (others prefer to use the term "host-proof app"). It just means that Clipperz knows nothing about its users and their data.  Not even their usernames!
And this result can be achieved thanks to browser cryptography, i.e. the ability of any Javascript-enabled browser to perform cryptographic computation with decent speed and no hassle for the user.

A rough description of this paradigm can be found here: "Anatomy of zero-knowledge web application".
You may also be interested in this quite old blog post: "Freedom and privacy in the cloud: a call for action".

Clipper is offering its online password manager service since 2007. We are currently storing almost a million passwords. Never had a single problem.

And if you don't trust our service (quite acceptable) you can run your own private instance of Clipperz on your own server by installing the AGPL licensed Community Edition
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