I would love to see maps for search queries like "Where is <name of city/country/ZIP code/others>", without quotes.

Iit would be even more nice, to see this work for versions the sentence "Where is...", in other languages.
Also if the name of a city/street/country, could be in any language.

Like if you search for "Hvor er Norge" or "Hvor ligger Norge", which is Danish for "Where is Norway".

It would be great to see this work for queries like "Map for...", too.

Best regards,
Casper Qvortrup.

P.S. I'm the user with the username ScreapDK, but I'm not able to log in right now. I can confirm this within the next 24 hours.
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Yes, I was the one who wrote the above reply. : )

BTW, all of the things I've suggested aboved, is about showing a map on top of the organic results/in the Zero Click Info Box.

Best regards,
Casper Qvortrup

- Forum Moderator.
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