I've discovered some not-so-edge cases where it does in fact become nonfunctional rather than a simple speed nuisance as noted by rafaelluik: mobile.

On a lot of Feature Phones or "Smart Devices" the trusted CAs are insanely limited with no facility to add new ones or whitelist specific certs for individual sites. Some devices aren't even able to access DDG over TLS at all(!) because of this. While they may be able to query DDG over clear-text, the list of TLS'd results are of no use and one must resort to Google PDA or their WML/WAP interfaces for clear-text results that you can actually follow through with. If you are having cert errors thrown at you, it certainly does not help with brand affinity either. It may even foster disdain.

While Smart Phones are definitely growing, they're still vastly outnumbered by their lower powered, feature limited siblings and will continue to be so into the foreseeable future.

So, what is in place now is a minor technical problem that is potentially alienating lots of users. It can be ignored and they just won't have much use for DDG or a hack can be devised for the manufactures' bugs. Given the plethora of mobile devices, the above mentioned philosophical and technical rationale for the use of outbound TLS, I have no clue what such a hack should be.

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