I find the search results given by shockingly bad.

In my case, I have one of the largest websites about psychotherapy ('Psychotherapie') in the German-language area, and it is well-linked from other websites too, .

However, searching for "psychotherapie wien", "psychotherapeut wien" or 'psychotherapie' doesn't even list the site amongst the first 10 results, the first time it shows up is actually a link to a RSS feed (!) showing up on result page #4. If I click "More about this site", what follows is an endless list of discussions topics of my site's discussion board, but not the about 100 pages of rich content about the actual topic I have been searching for.
Top-ranked on the first few DuckDuckGo result pages, however, are dozens of small websites (many of them even in a different language than the original search terms) most of which are basically just containing a few pages with very basic or 'self-advertising' therapist's information, 2 books that are related to the topic in a way but certainly not relevant, a few press releases and other stuff marginally related to the search term(s). I wouldn't have been surprised if a map of Vienna ('Wien') had been displayed on the 2nd result page!

So the volume or 'richness' of a domain (or at least of individual pages related to the site as a whole) in terms of certain keywords doesn't seem to be taken into consideration for the ranking, rather the search engine seems to bring up *random pages* based on an odd algorithm that has nothing to do with a site's relevance. It reminds a bit on Yahoo search in its early days, before Google revolutionized searching by applying some logic to it, analyzing sites' relevance for searches, major topics of websites, volume and 'richness' etc.
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I'm seeing the same thing.  My site, while #1 for several keywords in Google, isn't even on the DDG's radar.
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Make sure you have set "Boost Results From This Region" under "Settings" - "Result Settings" - "Region" to Austria. This way your site appears in the top 10 results in any of of the above cases.
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> I find the search results given by shockingly bad.

Shocking, is it? I'm just as at unease with the current development of DDG as the next guy, but I fail to understand why you think that DDG owes you a better rating.

> So the volume or 'richness' of a domain

Putting it into quotation marks doesn't resolve you from explicitly stating your claim. Why do you think you deserve any better? You might be able to resolve it by comparing the search-results, given your knowledge of the field, but how's a search engine supposed to recoginze it ad hoc?

Your achievements/books/importance aren't necessarily recognizable by a search-engine.
Referring/looking-down on pages/websites with lesser significance doesn't help, either.
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