Duly noted --until that last paragraph. Out of respect for OP, let's try to stick to the forum rules ("Be nice"). Through the feedback we get, the most common reason that people want a DDG Browser is trust. We've always stood by our privacy policy and made users, user-experience, and user privacy our top priorities. Until this point, there hasn't really been a (product) company with a total dedication to respecting privacy, that's gone on to develop a fully functional browser. Tor is a great option but, for many people, it's an, "advanced" option or too slow (in its current state--mainly because not everyone sets up their computer to be a relay *cough *cough). Personally, I think if we were in a position to develop a browser, it would be a welcome product for a lot of people. Sticking to the same DDG principles--less clutter, more privacy--and integrated with instant answers, !bang tags, etc---it would make an awesome browser : ) Not everyone would adopt it but many might find that it's a good choice for them.

Here's a list of privacy-focused browsers. Some may have limited functionality or be a subscription service but it's the best list I could pull together: 



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