LOL! Fantastic news! And I was wondering, where did that search engine thing come from?

This was a really weird case... so I installed Bodhi Linux to try it out and could only put up with it for about 4 days (Enlightenment is soooo experimental) before I switched back to good ol' Windows XP (if only my PC could run KDE without massive lagging...) and that's where I discovered DuckDuckGo as it was the default in the Midori browser (which I had as backup in case Opera failed for whatever reason).

When I got back to XP, I presumed the search engine thingy was carried across as part of Opera Link (an AWESOME tool ) but I also upgraded my Opera version on pretty much the same day... so I don't know, but glad it's in for everyone to experience! 
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I'd like to at DDG to my Opera Mini browser, but for some reason the method that Opera employs doesn't work. Here's how it is supposed to work:

To add new search engines to Opera Mini, you actually need to go the page that has the search engine you want to use. For example, say you want to add Microsoft's Bing to your OM search engines.

1) Go to:

2) Touch and hold the touch on the search box on the page until the context menu appears. Touch "Add Search Engine", give your engine a name (or press enter on your keyboard if you're fine with the default name given), and hit enter on your keyboard. Your search engine is now added to Opera Mini 6.5.

Bing is only an example, so you can use it to try these steps out and when you're done testing, you can remove Bing and add your preferred search engines to Opera Mini 6.5.
So, that worked with Bing, but when I try it with DDG, "Add Search Engine" doesn't appear. Not sure if this is a DDG thing or an Opera thing. Just curious.

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