I don't know, if Firefox protects out of the box. But Icecat does!
  1. Some sites refer to zero-size images on other hosts to keep track of cookies. When IceCat detects this mechanism it blocks cookies from the site hosting the zero-length image file. (It is possible to re-enable such a site by removing it from the blocked hosts list.)
  2. Other sites rewrite the host name in links redirecting the user to another site, mainly to "spy" on clicks. When this behavior is detected, IceCat shows a message alerting the user.
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Also in Preferences -> Privacy there's a 'Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked.' option in both of them.

Another thingy I found is blocking of ads and tracking with the systems hosts file. ( ) This solution works for nearly every system, but is less dynamic than an addon and thus sometimes really awkward.

Well... to be at least a bit on topic, a web site: - An e-mail provider, that promises anonymity for the cost of 1 Euro/month. No ads anywhere, Servers powered by green energy. You could even send the money per snail mail, so nobody would ever possibly know who you are. The only downside: It's completely in german. /description
And kind of funny but also really awesome. Their clause on sustainability (digest): 100% Recycling paper; mobility 100% via public transport and bycycle and last but not least: all employees are engaged in environmental NGOs.

.nyan~ miezebieze

I didn't sign up yet. Zoho seems to have incompatibilities with one of my 29 icecat addons. ;\
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Thanks for your suggestions!
I just added Posteo and Icecat to the list.

Feel free to sign up! If you can't signup with IceCat, use another browser! I'm a moderator of, so I just like having users like you who love to help.
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