OK, troll. I'll bite.

 If you are so knowledgeable in seizures, then you would know that I don't have 3 flashes per second or any red flashes for that matter except for the two red eyes which is still far under a danger.

Never said I was "so knowledgeable". Merely stated that it is of concern. That is what a discussion forum is about, we express our concerns in an adult manner without resulting to ad hominem attacks. I also know that averages are not set in stone for every case and there is a high level of volatility in anything related to illness. Furthermore, having been in a car accident several years ago and experiencing a traumatic brain injury, I can tell you that such images do momentarily disorientate and leaves me confused. It is only logical to believe that if my rather trivial response to it is such, that someone with a more delicate illness such as epilepsy would feel greatly more sever effects. What may trigger a synapse to misfire in one is wholly safe for another.

 The scrolling of these boxes to view the thread content, if scrolled quickly is more dangerous than that gif above. The luminescence should be within range as well and even if not, could be toned to a yellow flash instead of white. 

I am not an expert so I can not comment to what the effects of browsing a forum would be, I can only offer anecdotes. I do know that users over at THE infamous epilepsy forum "Anonymous" attacked had only minor issues using that platform until it got "raided" and filled with seizure inducing GIFs.

 Anyone that sensitive needs a special software then to disable anything on the internet. 
The above example would prove that to not be true. I assumption would be that they disable the usual culprits - scripting, flash, java, etc - or take great caution before proceeding into uncharted waters bu having it reviewed by a close friend or family member first. Just because many of us do not experience its ill effect, does not mean we should not be mindful of those that may.

some considerations:
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