I would like to do search suggestions, and could use UX ideas. There was someone who was going to help with this project, but I haven't heard from him in a while, so I'm not sure where that stands but I can find out.

Google et al. use their past data to come up with the suggestions, and of course our data is lacking in this regard (in size), so complete replication is a bit difficult.

A homegrown version I've been thinking about is to highlight DDG Topics, i.e. related searches where we have good 0-click info. This might be more akin to Facebook or Wikipedia auto-complete. Would love to know your thoughts on that.
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Come up with a list of words people might search for, and just add them to the autocomplete. That's the way I do it.  I have collected nearly 12,000 movie titles, 20,000 high schools, etc. so I don't have to use Freebase in my site.  Sure, it's a lot of work, yet a homegrown autocomplete is best.  What you could even do is, when someone enters a !bang for a movie, such as !imdb, you can have the autocomplete work specifically for movie related autocompletion.
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Use Freebase, like eric said. Cache, also, to save Freebase's servers. :) You also have lots and lots topical information, such as the Wikipedia articles (that is what I see most of...). Use those as auto-completes as well!

Also, !-sensitive suggestions would be awesome.

Finally, if you were to do suggestions, could you expose the suggestions as a JSON api as well? Like Google, so our awesome search bar is even more not-Google? :P
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I am guessing that even if ddg uses the words in its 0-click info. database, and uses them craftily, it can come up with good completions for searches.

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