What about a different kind of auto-suggestion that might be better? 

Searcher starts typing: "Ho.."
        - Are you looking for an answer to a question?
        - Are you looking for a product review?
        - Are you looking for a place?
        - Something else?

Of course this would probably take a complete revision of how DDG or any other search engine works, but I always thought this would be cool and help searchers find what they're really looking for on the web without so much nonsense.

posted by [Old Forum c-hase] • 8 years and 8 days ago Link

Actually, DuckDuckGo already does this when there's an ambiguity. Try

And since autocomplete currently searches Zero-Click-Info.... in a roundabout way, it's already implemented.
posted by [Old Forum notriddle] • 8 years and 7 days ago Link