Please drop this idea. Where's the "I don't like this idea" button?

If google have resources to waste using a pointless feature like this it's ok for them, but DDG should focus its limited resources on doing other cool things.

Seriously people, don't you really know what are you looking for while you type?

I don't remember myself selecting one of the options offered by autocomplete while I was a google user... actually, they were distracting for me, as it is difficult to avoid looking at the suggestions even when you know what exactly you're going to type and search.

personal opinion:

1) it's usually faster to just type the few words that you need instead of looking AND selecting the correct auto-suggested option
2) auto-suggested options adds clutter to the search experience
3) search results are way much better than a list of keywords auto-suggestion could be. Therefore, auto-suggestion is just in the middle of the way for a clear search experience.
4) if I type "ho", the only way a search engine could make suggestions for me is reading my mind. I mean, let me finish typing  for god's sake :P
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 7 years and 9 months ago Link