hey eric,
ya, i've thought about it (and currently implementing one for my own use....)
there are many attempts at this (a sample):
strigi, tracker, pinot (Free Desktop), recoll, etc.

the main problem/mistake i feel other approaches have made is distinguishing between "online" search (web, internet, duckduckgo, etc.) and "offline" search (desktop, non-internet, etc.)
i think a good approach would be one that married the two
hence, my previous post inquiring about "customized"/"personalized" search
the ideal approach would thus somehow allow a duckduckgo profile file to be located on one's own kompooter (not located at duckduckgo), which would hopefully lead to the possibility of integrating desktop and web search as one
and make that "artificial" barrier invisible

feel free to shout out any thoughts/comments...
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 8 years and 5 months ago Link