It is in a pretty tight form, i.e. the images are small and the snippets are short. What do you get out of having it even more compressed? The idea with the list is that you can use it as is or you use it to explore/browse in related topics, and in both cases I think the images/snippets add to those goals.
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I would sometimes want to just copy the list without the information.  For instance, if someone is doing business research to find law firms, they just want the list names to quickly copy and paste them in a spreadsheet.  I'm researching the list:  Law firms based in New York City. 

So, when I enter "Law firms based in New York City" I get a very long list of the firms.  I want the complete list without having to click more on each of the letters.  If I wanted to find out more on each individual one, then there would be a + sign next to each.  

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hmm, eric's idea gives me the idea about being able to export such search results (csv, excel, etc.)

support for a query of the type:
    law firms, new york export:csv
would output a downloadable csv file of law firms located in nyc, with possibly other attributes/addresses/info/links/etc


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