A lot of good stuff here--thx. Finding good provider/APIs/databses is often the barrier, and then time.

--nutrition: this is in there now via WolframAlpha, e.g. I'm not sure I understand the conversion request, but that should be also be able to be handled by WA. If you show me some queries, I could try to get them to work.

--wikia: I actually have a lot of the biggest ones already indexed into 0-click already; about 20 of them I think. If there are particular ones you're thinking about, just let me know.

--thumbnails: I started adding them to the right of search results via the API. I'll ping them about comic sites. I wonder though, are people finding these useful?

--parts & models: I was planning on doing this via the Amazon API. I presume they cover most of the kind of things you're searching for?

--compiler/cpu: can you give some examples here?

--music samples: like this. But how would it come up; when you search for a song name?

--financial data: oft request and something I need to do. I may pull this in from WA. Is the data they provide satisfactory?
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A lot of good stuff here--thx. Finding good provider/APIs/databses is often the barrier, and then time. 
Thank you! And yeah, time...

  • Nutrition: I mean to have something like a nutrition facts label for searches on "peanut butter" or "doritos."
  • Wikia: great!
  • thumbnails: mos def, though is it me or loading them delayed shakes a bit the results page on adjusting? if it's so, perhaps you can limit their dimensions with CSS or something along the lines.
  • parts & models: I don't know about Amazon API, do they provide part information? It would be killer to have a search "toshiba satellite XYZ" and land on the product's technical details page (same for Samsung, Dell, etc.)
  • compiler/cpu: search for compiler intrinsics _mm_alignr_epi8 and the result gives a very small MSDN page with a short description, Intel's (original) page nowhere in sight. Note Google is even worse as results are usually plagued with forums and such.
  • music samples: yeah, "the beatles blackbird" does already show on top the link to the Wikipedia page, what about a little div with the clip ready to play? :)
  • financial data: What's "WA"?

It's weird to speak almost real-time about features on a site like this. You're a legend!


Edit: example of Nutrition Data  that data is pulled from the public database and made nice into those graphs.

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