good question
the answer to this is fairly easy....

one can illustrate differences between search engines in a VARIETY of ways
videos, illustrations, demos, feature check list, etc.
because there are more features added to more frequently, that "about" page is starting to get a bit busy (it's almost looking like google wave during a tsunami...)
maybe focus on 3 or 4 on that page, with a link to "even more features!"
it's not as coherent/focused as it could be
i'm not a UI/graphic design person, but i know it's perfect when i see it....

at the very least i'd like to see some sort of demo illustrating search results quality between the major search engines (a search "shootout" if you will)
let them all put their money where their mouths are
a number of aspects could be used as various metrics
this would be interesting, and could be good publicity for all
(wondering if any of those search engine sites already do something like this?...)

the main things that appeal to me personally about are :
1. privacy/security
2. gabriel's insanely immediate responsiveness and soliciting input from the users
3. listening to user feedback and implementing their ideas immediately, or offering reasons for not implementing certain features. i.e., DIALOGUE and COMMUNICATION, which are 2 features missing from the majority of large software companies
4. using has improved my ability to search for stuff on the internet. i have yet to see this discussed or mentioned anywhere

support and evidence for points 1 to 3 are in the public record, and he's been handling this perfectly consistent for quite a long time now

at the same time, there are the "interesting" eye-candy aspects/novelty that could attract new users (and their curiosity) that might not appeal to us "search engine veterans", such as the "simpsons characters" feature (it's neat, but can i do it for every tv show? how do i get it to work for other shows? can you do it for sports teams? etc.)
so it depends who the user is and what they would consider important

unfortunately this has the appearance of coders vs. non-coders (i.e. power users vs novice users)

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