IDs for different elements would make it a lot easier to write selectors.
If I use a snippet of javascript to temporarily insert IDs in IE, I get this:

As you can see, the rounded corners are missing because there's no support for border-radius.

If you want to use this as the real site style and not an installable userstyle, replacing old styling rules would be easy. Migrating from inline styling to a separate stylesheet would also be trivial if some IDs were added. (Rounded corners can either be simulated with images/javascript or removed completely to give consistency between all browsers.)

As for the DDG logo font, Futura Medium would look nice. It would match the boldness of the duck icon while having a sort of futuristic/retro feel.
Gu3miles suggests Mr Eaves, which has a lovely lowercase 'u' character with a tail' which adds character to the logo.
It's a really though choice because the font is a very important part of the branding when you're on the web.

I'll try playing around a bit and see if I can come up with font and logo ideas.
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