(Guest above yegg13's reply is me)

Yeah, it looks a bit too wide compared to the logo. Around 200% of the logo width + 50% of the search field height would look nice. (200*2+38/2=417px)

As for the logo, Mr. Eaves Modern looks very... regular and not exciting.
Mr. Eaves has has a nice 'tail' on the 'u'. It makes me think of the letter 'Q' when placed next to the 'D' in 'Duck'. 'Quck' -> 'Quack'/'Quick'

Futura is, as I said, a quite modernistic font which would fit in great together with the duck icon. It feels more modern than Mr. Eaves, but doesn't look like a regular font, like Mr. Eaves Modern. Futura is also a font I already have.

I have been experimenting with some different layouts, colours and styles.
The text 'Go' would benefit from slightly lighter colour:

Other than that, I'm pleased with the current design.

...and here's an idea for promotional material I came up with while experimenting (totally unrelated):

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