We should move this to a new topic too.

Have you figured out yet why Google shut down your account? That's crazy (and of course super super annoying). Wow, that would piss me off to no end.

> old favicon

This will be fixed shortly. I just crawled a new 6 million of them and thinking of also moving to an api that serves them and keeping mine as backup.

> select/unselect zero-click.

I'm having trouble reproducing this. What browser/OS?

> sidebar

Love these ideas. However, I'm currently exploring high level the purpose/functionality/usefulness of the side bar, and so want to wait on messing with it a lot until I figure that out.

Maybe the new thread should be first on if it should exist at all, and if it should, what should be on there.

That said, completely agree on the hanging feel and the background just didn't occur to me. What do you mean about the zero-click info & multiple meanings message? Do you mean somehow putting those into the sidebar?

As for icons, interested in what sets you like more. Also, why do you think it is better to insert as background images (just wondering)?
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