Oh wow, my Google account is back. I still don't know why it was disabled (I tried contacting support, but recieved no answer). The page I got while it was disabled just said "suspicious activity".

The zero-click selection bug happens for me in both IE8 and FF3.6 on WinXP and Win7.

Detailed instructions:
1. Open
2. Press up key (selects zero-click info, makes its background green)
3. Press down key (unselects zero-click info)

Result: Zero-click info still has a green background, but shouldn't

Anyway, I'm not sure what you want to move to a new topic. I'll make one regarding result page look and feel, get some ideas in there and collect feedback.

To quickly comment on the rest of your response:

> putting 0-click and multiple meanings in the sidebar

I think they are fine where they are. Forget it, I realised I was wrong.

> why insert as background images

More clean, just one element (making the link underline when the icon is hovered). The icon would still be on the side, of course. But maybe it's easier for you to keep them separate.
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