I would love to find a way to create a community around the zero-click info, and I've actually implemented a lot of what you said, though it is now hidden. I think the current implementation needs some work, but I'll show it to you and you can see what I started doing.

It started with input like this:

Then it would relate to a voting page like this:

I didn't create much of a backend yet for it though, and I wasn't sure exactly where to take it or engage a larger community in its design/use.

Basically, I launched this MVP and it almost immediately got overrun by spam and/or people weren't usefully submitting info. They were just submitting their site with their marketing text.

Originally, I thought you could have like a button system and add a badge to say a blog post about a certain topic. You could mark up that page with the snippet image and I would crawl it and pull out the info. Then your users could add their vote for it directly from the site. But the whole markup thing seemed confusing so I fell back to this current submission model.

Again, I very much welcome this discussion!
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 7 months ago Link

Thanks for posting your current implementation.

I think besides Zero Click Info for submitting / voting, the ability to add an official site would also be helpful.
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