So, after speaking to them, it seems as if they want all sorts of people related results (like linked in, facebook, etc... that you mentioned) clustered into one place like the 0-click info box. I don't know how wise it would be to do so, but I personally use the 0-click info. box on blind faith. So, if I see such a box for any of my searches, I just check that rather than the other results. I don't know how that would work out or whether it would even make sense to do so in case of people. Any ideas??

Typical use cases include:
1. Researching about someone (as an interviewer) (edu. background, current location/employer)
2. Finding out someone's current email ID
3. Checking out blogs, twitter and linkedin account, etc... of that person
4. Claim validation, etc...

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I have been very hesitant of polluting the 0-click box for the reason you specified. I'm also concerned with people that I group profiles that don't belong to the same person, which can happen quite a lot.

However, I have had two ideas in this area:

1) See the top link at -- how it is actually a lot of links? I generally like this concept and could aggregate a lot of profile sites when I see them.

2) I've thought about making a feature that guesses company email IDs, and that could be tied to LinkedIn and suggest some, though I worry about accuracy, privacy, etc. 
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