Here are my current thoughts.

Old logo
 -- Like duck part; don't want to change it.
 -- Century Gothic (old font) was at one point pervasive throughout the site, but now this is its only place left, so it could use an upgrade.
 -- Like how it maintains some professionalism with the logo. I actually get a lot of complaints the site is too childish, and this really helps it I think. In case you never saw it, this was the old old logo.

New Green
--Don't see much difference on my laptop (can tell more on my desktop w/ big monitors).
--Agree that if it is bolder, lighter makes more sense.
--So good with this change.

--Would like to see some mockups with those other fonts.
--The Futura one looks pretty good, but is too stretched vertically.
--Like the curvature on the 20th cen. but agree there is something less clear about it.
--Like the bubble font, but think it is too childish given we're already pigeonholed in that area.

Red text
--Think by itself it looks pretty good, but with the logo it seems too much and takes away some of the professionalism. Still prefer black.
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Futura and 20th Cen are VERY similar. The biggest difference is the height.

20th Cen has a Light Version which would looks something like this:

(Tw Cen Light test without font borders)

I'll see how it looks in Illustrator with added borders when I get home (It'll be slightly bolder, a lot like normal Futura but with less vertical stretching).


(Tw Cen Light, old green)

It's more clear than the regular Tw Cen, and the thickness can be adjusted.
posted by [Old Forum mrmagical] • 8 years and 4 months ago Link