I think opening a lot of tabs automatically could be pretty confusing. However, maybe there is a balance to be struck.

For example, check out The first link is actual multiple links where I've consolidated reviews. You could have a similar thing where it said like "Search <x> at a, b, c and then a button to open all of them at once.

That being said, I'm not yet clear on the compelling use case. Maybe it is best for just something like music or movies.
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Use case for the super searcher, who wants to search many places at once.  Yes, something like that would work, and automatically opening would not be good, yet automatically showing a few bang commands would be. The only use case where automatically opening would be if the user would press a button that said "Open All At Once" as they do on the travel sites that search more than one site.

Take a site such as where you can search multiple travel booking sites.  It could be a similar concept.

Some people just want a lot of information at one time.
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