Alright, 2 queries I found today where I think Google beats DDG. They are not terrible DDG failure, but they are the reason why I still use Google.
Note that I'm using the option to boost French results in DDG, which in fact seems to boost c*** results.

It's a site to be used as a home page, the old URL is, now it redirects to Typing the site name should bring me this site first in the results, Google does it, DDG does it too, but not with the "boost french results option" and shows me a Youtube video (in English !) first. The fact that it does not appear first is annoying because I often type in my Firefox url bar : d /keyword to have the first more relevant result. I generally don't care about french results because 95% of the queries I make are developer stuff, but sometimes I search with french words, and I think Google does a more subtle boost of local results here.

- symfony 1.4 gentle view  
I was looking for documentation on the symfony PHP framework (it's a MVC framework and I was looking for the view part) and remembered that the tutorial (available both online and as a book on Amazon) was called "A gentle introduction ...", the page I'm looking for ( is third in the Google results, and does not appear on the DDG result page.

Hope that helps, I will send you more queries where I think Google is better than DDG if you want.
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 8 years and 5 months ago Link