There actually is little I can do about this one as it is browser-dependent. The link works because the middle click behavior is handled by the browser. The area surrounding the link is clickable through an onClick event via JS, which produces different effects.

In particular, I can only use a call. In Chrome/IE this results in a pop-up window/tab. If you turn pop-ups on for DDG, it should pop-up correctly. It seems to work in Firefox. On Safari, for some reason non-text within divs are not clickable, even though the div has an onclick event; I'd call this a bug.

I'm not getting the redirect to homepage thinge IE. What OS & version are you on?

One part-way solution would be to re-architect all the divs to make them links, which would go back to the browser behvior. But I'm not really sure if this is possible (and at the very least difficult) because of spacing as well as other links within those divs.
posted by yegg Staff8 years and 7 months ago Link