The biggest problem with this is determining the importance of each event to know which one to show. If this is only for births and deaths, the first thing that came to mind was to query DDG for that person's name and see how many results it returned, then displaying the one with the most results, or all those that make X% of results. With events it takes a lot more, not only because determining the importance of an event is quite hard and the format is not fixed, but because you have to take many things into consideration, such as users' geolocation (as Argentinian, I find "1945 – Argentinian labour leader José Peter declares the Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne dissolved." more important than "1948 – Wilhelmina, Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands cedes throne.", even though from a neutral point of view, a queen ceding throne is much, much more important).

I've never done something for DDG, so I'm not sure how easily it can be done, but I figured I could give my 2 cents in case somebody finds them useful.
posted by [UserVoice Matias Pino] • 5 years and 1 month ago Link