A "difficult but not impossible" or maybe "easy but crowdsourced" thing I would like in a image search engine would be image consolidation; Right now if you search for something art-related, (for example) you get the same picture by a single famous artist taking up 1/10th of the 1000 returns most search engines are allowed to show you. It would be nice if these were consolidated into a single return. You could click on the image to go to the most popular of the "identical" images, or click on a consolidation link to expand and choose a specific one. Difficult would be to use image-recognition techniques to consolidate image returns. Crowdsourcing would be to give people the ability to consolidate images and remove images from a consolidated group in their search and use the feedback of users to choose what should be grouped together.
posted by [UserVoice Mad David] • 5 years and 3 months ago Link