OK, this may or not be a useful suggestion, but it works for me. I do better, with picture's. My computer takes the volume and content of any file or folder I generate, and turns it in to an image. The "size" (on the screen) is just that, representing the volume of any given file. Then for it to be more useful then just decorative, it has to get more interesting.

What is displayed on my screen show's different file's as animals I associate with some kind of emotional tag. (work with me on this...) A file that present's a n image of say a squirrel, is likely to, because squirrels live fast and only a few year's, be information associated with rapid change, "if you blink, you'll miss it"

To differentiate one file from another based on those criteria, the "squirrel" that is indicative of any one file, it may be a certain color.(Invented, and artificial of course) Or have some silly hat. On the other hand if a file that also has data that involve's "rapid change", if it could be "unexpected, and likely disruptive" it's more likely to have an image associated with it of say, a Wolverine.

Both live roughly as long. One spend's his time collecting nut's, his food. The other does not even (it would seem) know what a "nut is". But he know's what a squirrel is, because he frequently eats them. He really does not know or care how many
"nut's" any squirrel has. And in some cases before long fixating on "nut's" at all will be the least of that unfortunate squirrels concern's...

I'm fortunate to know a very gifted graphic designer, I'm not, and she can take my invented image of any animal, that is associated w/the content of a given file, and make it seem's to come alive, in as individualized a way as is, positively unique. That's my file system. And since I will have a few thousand file's on the computer's I use, and what they contain will often be so similar, forget looking it up with any "keyword". I need to impose a "personality", associated with any one file. I have about 1200, I work with frequently.

No way could I sometimes tell one from another. Unless it's tagged with an animated image, of a particular squirrel with a silly hat, and perhaps an expression (?) that say's to me: "How did I wake up in this nightmare?"

Or it could be my idea of a "Dragon", but wearing a raincoat. That absurd combination is also absolutely distinctive. And that's the point, to tell one file from another. I'm lucky to have a gifted image/graphic designer who through her skill's can create a raincoat wearing dragon. (And yes, I think it's as funny as it sound's.)

That's the point. A lot more fun then labeling any file with just a number.

Do try to have fun all... I seem to by default.

posted by [UserVoice Robert] • 5 years and 4 months ago Link