No doubt people have heard the phrase, "Those who do not remember history, are condemned to repeat it" That is (I think accurately) attributed to the brilliant general, Santa Ana. That was the same commander who obliterated the Alamo. That was not "nice". But the guy, the general was still able to do his job (kill us, hey I don't make the rules, I just have to live with them.) As he did. Sad for the people at the Alamo, this guy was very good at his job.

But for one (?) Perhaps brief moment, he saw "reality" from a third person perspective. Or an unbiased, honest POV, aka: someone with no preconceived notion's.

When anyone experience's that, it's usually called a psychotic break. Unless in what ever state they are in, other's see and have, flash's of insight, tied to whatever this odd person said. The same idea in one situation will get you locked up. In another, you'll be giving lecture's at a nation's military academies. Like Santa Ana in his time, it's all in the timing... Sometimes it really is just that simple. And that usually mean's it's also just common sense. We call people "brilliant" if they just happen to be the first, witnessed example of whatever, and it's felt as "common sense" one because it is, and two, it's noticed. History it is said is written by the winner's. That's only true to a certain point.

History is really made, by people who take a few minuets, to give a dam. And that mean's writing it down. After all, the easiest way to predict the future, is to invent it. Believe it or not, while nothing is ever 100%, this I think is as close to that as is possible. it really does work, ok, most of the time...
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