google seems to have the best image search available, just look at theirs for a template, wouldn't be anything wrong with that, they took most of their image search from bing, when bing was still in beta.

more ideas for features:
- a way to tell the search engine to discard all the results and try again.
- an option to somehow track the images that has been shown already so they'll never appear again.
- filters; filter by source, by dominate color, by adult content, by similarities, by author, by regional location of source.
- a feature to add tags to images inside the search, to help search results for other DDG users.
- the ability to draw an image and have the search engine try to find a match from the outline of said image.
- a 2 click function to download images.

just a few quick ones of my head
posted by [UserVoice Panda] • 5 years and 5 months ago Link